“Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight? 

Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!”

Pinky and the Brain is one of the most iconic, American animated television series, and until this day be you young or old, you probably still remember this catchphrase.

Funny as it may be, if you’re “pondering what I am pondering” Pinky and the Brain are actually some of the most inspirational characters out there. As a startup or uprising company you will surely relate to much of its madness and understand exactly what they are talking about.

So what is it that makes Pinky and the Brain so relatable for startups and businesses, let’s look at the fundamentals. In almost every episode, the main focus is on Brain’s never ending pursuit of world domination or as he likes to call it “taking over the world. Almost every time this obsession ends in utter failure, due to Pinky’s ability to turn Brain’s plan on its head.

With this in mind, let’s examine the fundamentals of why Pinky and the Brain is a true inspiration and lesson for both startups and businesses.



It doesn’t matter how great your idea is or how knowledgeable you are without the support of a team or partner you will have a much harder time, not to say impossible, to take over the world. Furthermore, loyalty is one of the most important characteristics of startups. Think about Brain without his faithful Pinky!

How would Brain devise such genius ideas if he didn’t have a dedicated and loyal Pinky to tell them to, even Pinky’s foolishness prefects Brain’s ideas. Pinky is almost always an integral part of the plan, and without him the plan would be impossible. A startup is very similar to this, with new ideas being generated constantly; testing, planning designing, and experimenting. It’s actually the start that’s the hardest part to any business, so having a Pinky is one of the biggest assets for your business.

Although Pinky appears unreliable most of the time and often is the main reason for failure, Brain inevitably needs Pinky (who unknowingly points out errors in the strategies) for final execution of his plans.


Select correct and loyal people.

Trust your people.

The lyrics of the theme song state:  One is a genius; the other’s insane“.  This doesn’t specify which one is which, but simply implies that Brain is the genius and Pinky is Insane.  Is that really true though?

Some food for thought:

Is it not considered insanity to want to take over the world and dominate mankind?

Furthermore, there is one episode in which Pinky’s plan is used, and guess what, they succeed!


Takeout: Listen to your team, who you consider to be a Pinky might have the correct answer to success.


Pinky-proof/test your idea, service or product.

Making sure you have worked through all the problems you may have encountered by Pinky-proofing is probably a good thing to do! Pinky’s IQ is compared to that of a young child, that being said If Pinky has a hard time understanding your business or even your product/service then you are on the road to failure. If your idea is not Pinky-tested and Pinky cannot figure out how to use it, then it is time to optimise and rethink all the angles.


Be a Brain and Strategise.

The one thing that defines Brain is the size of his head! That head is his identity and the tool to his mastery of strategy. 99% of the time it ends in failure, but having a plan in place and following it is the number one principle to success.

Develop Goals and Objectives for you startup and business that are specific, simple and time bound. This will guide you clearly towards success. By having the fundamentals down you are able to develop a number of tactics to achieve them, making life a little simpler!

Brain: “Once we construct a superconductive magnetic Infindibulator, the world will be ours! … By using the infindibulator to deplete hydrogen and promote gravitational collapse, we will produce a magnetic charge from the centre of the Earth so strong that every person who has loose change in their pockets will be magnetically drawn to the ground and stuck there!”


Improvise and “Out Of The Box” Thinking.

Have you ever seen an episode of Pinky and the Brain where things go as planned? No? … I thought so. Probability has it that all startups and businesses will encounter situations that are beyond control. Both Brain and Pinky improvise when this happens and so should you!

Have a backup plan or plan B for all situations and prep for disaster (Contingency Plans).


Anchor & Focus.

Anchor your self on whats right and focus on the plan, its the only way to get things done and make things happen for your business or startup! Taking over the world has never happened for Brain because his plans were always enormous. Furthermore, his trusty loyal partner was never on point or focused. This combination always led to Pinky and the Brain’s utter failure.

Brain’s constant narcissistic and egomaniacal philosophy was one of his main drives but also his main reason for failure. By focusing more on the tasks at hand and gaining full victory over them they would have been the new world leadership! A few times as a startup owner, you can see your self getting into the power game. Focus on whats important and get down to what really matters rather than focusing on fancy titles and being drunk on power.


Take over the World.

This point is a complete contradiction to everything else but you should aim for “world domination”, maximising return on investment, acquiring opportunities!

The right way to do it is slowly, purposely and intelligently.  With the basics in place, strategies implemented, tactics deployed as planned and business operating smoothly… you can set your master plan ahead and take over the world.

Make sure your business is scalable.



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