The Truth About The About Us Page!

by Peter Stevenson | Jun 7, 2016 | Marketing, Social Media

It may seem like I am stating the obvious here and yet it would surprise you the amount of websites that overlook their About Us page or think it is an opportunity to talk at length about their “vision.”

Sometimes it is the things that are most obvious to us that do not receive the required attention and on far too many occasions, businesses fall into the trap of failing to create the correct About Us page on their website. It may seem like I am stating the obvious here and yet it would surprise you the amount of websites that overlook their About Us page or think it is an opportunity to talk at length about their “vision.”

The most popular page on any website is the About Us page and therefore it is vital for any business wishing to make waves or even obtain attention in this dog eat dog world that they do a good job describing who they are, what they do and where and how people can contact them.

The biggest mistake companies make, and this is no joke – although you may read this and laugh – is that they fail to include any contact details on their About Us page. This is quite simply a cardinal sin as it is the first place anyone interested in getting in touch with you will look. Without an email address or even a snail mail address how do you expect to garner interest?

Now, not the biggest mistake, but still pretty high up on the list is not giving a concise description of what the company does. Waffling on for two paragraphs and using inspirational quotes is all well and good if beforehand you have explained to visitors of your site what it is that you actually do. A crisp concise explanation of what you do is all any visitor asks for. If you want to inspire them with quotes from your favourite philosopher then by all means do it further down!

As much as anything else, you also need to sell yourself. Don’t try to play the humble card at this stage as any potential customer will want to know what it is you do and whether you do it well. Positive reviews in the media or testimonials from satisfied customers always go a long way to helping promote yourself and your business.

It is vital that your About Us page doesn’t put any visitors to sleep. Yes you may be running a serious business but that doesn’t mean you need to bore visitors to death. Keep it light, keep it interesting and if you can, try to engage with potential customers. It doesn’t need to be all about you and what you do and how you do it. If you are offering a service then your priority is to have satisfied customers and they definitely won’t feel that you can help them if you spend all your time talking about yourself!

To paraphrase the late great JFK, ask not what your customer can do for you, but what you can do for your customer!



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