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For many entrepreneurs, getting that Big Idea into the public market quickly is vital. But speed and accuracy are often at opposite ends of the entrepreneur balance beam.

There’s a definite give and take between spending enough time to get something right and wasting time on things that be handled with less fuss. And as an entrepreneur, you already know that your task is to find just the right balance.

That push-pull between getting the job done exactly quickly and getting it done right intensifies even more if what you’re doing is something that’s public-facing — like a website, a press announcement– even the company name itself.

After all, no one wants to screw up in public. And making even minor errors can damage your brand image and company before you even get started. Nothing says “unprofessional” more than a typo or amateur-looking company logo.

It’s possible, though, to get great public-facing startup business products and services done fast and well. So, if you’re one of those entrepreneurs pushing both yourself and your team to get to market at lightning speed, here are some links to bookmark, and shortcuts to take, to get your project up and running right away with the help of Pink Panster and its team!

1. Getting your domain name and logo in place — fast.

Instead of spending hours online checking available domain names, only to be frustrated by what’s not available, we at Pink Panster have the know-how, contacts and affiliates to provide literally thousands of .com domain names for just about any business. We have already done the hard work and combined the business names with professionally perfect logos so entrepreneurs can skip that step, too. You can literally have great domain name and logo while your competition is still plugging combinations into domain searches.

Check out our overview to see what more we can do for you.

2. Getting your website up and running — fast.

Once you have a domain and business name and logo, you’ll need a website. We at Pink Panster have the know how and can develop work quickly to suit almost any need. Best of all, we can develop everything with the possibility to integrate with eCommerce capability; that way, you don’t have to find merchant services separately and work them into your online storefront. Pink Panster also offers business startup packs. With fully integrated and catered for services. So, once you get started, that’s another step you may be able to skip.

3. Getting your PR machine humming — fast.

With a company name, domain and website in hand, entrepreneurs looking to establish their footprint in the marketplace will need to get the word out — especially through search engine optimisation (SEO).

It may take some time to find an internal PR expert that’s a right match for your company. Until you do, you can always come to Pink Panster as we are an all inclusive 360 marketing company, and can definitely and ultimately help you spread the word. Check out our marketing service to find out more.

Panster Marketing and Management is better at boosting your SEO but it is also proficient at generating actual readers and market penetration.  Conclusively for a limited investment, you can get links to your press announcement and content into literally hundreds of outlets.  “Getting links to your website has value,”.

With Pink Panster any entrepreneur can go from idea to marketplace in a limited amount of time. You could be taking orders, developing leads and improving your actual business with the 360 services that Pink Panster offers, while your competitors are still hashing out what colour their logo should be.

Best of all, you can get your goods to market not just quickly, but professionally.


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